About Us

 The idea of Reel Girls Fish! started in 2008. I got tired of not being able to find apparel for women when preparing for bass tournaments. It got to the point where I was just fed up with shopping in the men’s department, having to buy men’s shirts that didn’t fit right and caps that I didn’t like — I prefer fishing visors. After asking tournament directors over and over again for a visor for the women fisherman and looking for shirts that actually fit, I decided to create the things that I would want to wear myself – both on the water and off. 

Times have changed – we live in a new era. There are more than 13.6 million female anglers in the United States – that is more than 33% of all anglers! In addition, women anglers spend over $3 billion annually on trip-related fishing expenses and fishing equipment according to the National Survey of Fishing, Hunting and Wildlife-Associated Recreation. Today’s woman angler is as serious about her fishing as she is her sense of style. The fit is very important to women anglers – shirts that are actually made to fit a women’s body, visors that women can wear and other accessories that are more custom made to enhance a woman’s physique were something that I had always looked for, but could never find. Reel Girls Fish! puts an end to all the searching. Here you can find shirts that actually fit, not those with huge pockets around areas that don’t need to have pockets! LOL!! In addition, we have visors for women, decals for the women anglers and so much more. 

 I hope you enjoy the clothing and accessory line that I have created, I did it all with us in mind – The WOMAN ANGLER! Take a look around to learn more about our women fishing apparel, see pictures of our merchandise, sign up for our monthly newsletter and look at our Fishing Photo Gallery. Also, if there is something specific that you would like, send me an e-mail and let me know what it is. We are always adding new things – and as I said before, I did it all with “us” in mind! 

-Denise Sustaita